How does a prevention course actually work?

Romy Siemens is recognized by the German „Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention“ as a course instructor for prevention courses. Most of her courses are prevention courses that are subsidized up to 100% by the statutory health insurance companies. Ask your health insurance company how much you will receive from them and how often in one year. Some health insurance companies pay for several prevention courses a year.

Procedure for online yoga courses that are subsidized by health insurance:

  1. You decide on a live online yoga course and register for it here on the website.
  2. You receive a confirmation email with all the information about the prevention course.
  3. You pay the course fee.
  4. You receive the access data for Zoom.
  5. The prevention course starts and runs for 10 sessions. In order to apply for a subsidy from a health insurance company you must attend at least 80% of the course units.
  6. After the 10th session, you receive a certificate of participation. This will certify how many of the 10 units you have attended and that you have paid the course fee.
  7. You pass this certificate on to your health insurance company.
  8. If you have attended at least 80% of all course units, i.e. 8 classes, your health insurance company will pay the subsidy.

Some private insurance companies now also contribute to prevention courses. Please ask your private health insurance provider.

Participation without health insurance subsidy for the yoga course

Of course, you can also take part in the courses and pay for them yourself without involving your health insurance company.