What is a prevention course?

Certified yoga courses

A prevention course (Präventionskurs) is a yoga course that has been certified by the „Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention“ in Germany. To be certified, the yoga teacher must have several years of yoga teacher training and many hours of teaching experience. This ensures that the course is taught by an experienced yoga teacher who can make a contribution to the health of the participants.

Subsidy from health insurance companies for your yoga course

All courses that have this certificate are subsidized by the statutory health insurance companies. Depending on the insurance company, the subsidy can be up to 100%. Ask your health insurance company how much they will pay. Some health insurance companies even pay a subsidy for a prevention course several times a year.

With the appropriate rate, some private health insurance companies also pay subsidies for yoga classes. Please ask your health insurance provider.

Online yoga courses with a health insurance subsidy

Almost all Romyoga online courses are prevention courses and are subsidized by health insurance companies.

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